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When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. iCloud storage is used for iCloud Mail and to back up your photos, videos, device settings, messages, and more. iCloud Drive and iCloud-enabled apps, like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, also use iCloud storage to keep files up-to-date across your devices. Your iCloud working?

apple help dublin


Do you have all your devices syncing together? Have you iCloud up to date? Are your photos SAFE? All your questions answered. Have movies or music on your computer? syncing adds this media to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Having a full back up of your device is crucial. Have you turned on Find My iPhone?

apple help dublin


iOS 11 comes with big updates to apps you use every day, like Messages and Photos. A whole new way to share content with your family. And exciting new connections between apps and between devices.

Plus it links in more with Mac and iPad for people with multiple devices. Answer calls on your iPad & Mac.

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However you use iPhone, iPad or Mac you know you’re not getting to it’s full potential, why not find out how much more you can do with it in everyday life. For example what are you doing with your photos? With more and more people having multiple devices it’s important everything is syncing correctly. Use iCloud storage.
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One to One

In need of Apple Training? We offer One to One training so you get the most out of it, do more with your iPhone/iPad or Mac. We’ll work with you so the training is tailored to meet your needs. Couples are welcome as well.
looking for help with ipad dublin

We Travel

We travel all over the North East and cover all of County Dublin. You can also come to our office for training. Plus we provide remote help/training. Available 7 days a week. Give us a call on 0871236789 for Apple training.

iPhone Photography

Want to take better photos?

This is more then just a camera

These Are Tomorrows Memories

These ARE memories

Where are your’s? Are they saved?

iPad Training Dublin


iPhone is the most advanced mobile device ever but most people only use 65% of it’s capabilities. Why? Because they don’t know.
iPad Training Dublin


As more and more people switch to Mac why not get the most from your new machine? Be creative. The possibilities are endless.
iPad Training Dublin


Your iPad can do so much more, open up a whole new world of possibilities. Make it work for you in business.


Find out what you can do with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Isn’t it about time you got the most out of them? Moving from Windows to Mac? 
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No matter what age you are technology can be scary. We can help you get to know more about iPhone/iPad/Mac no matter how much knowledge you have. You tell us what you want from the device. 

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You could be doing so much more, get the most from your investment. Call 0871236789 for a chat.

Whether you need a refresher or you’re totally new to iPad, sitting down with someone who knows what they are talking about is a  great way to learn the basics and discover helpful tips and tricks.

Keynote for iPad makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations. Learn how to build, collaborate on, and present amazing slides.

Explore everything you can do on Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Create slideshows with Photos. Edit movies with iMovie. Or discover ways to make your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations look their absolute best. 

Learn how to capture and share stunning photos with your iPhone. We’ll show you how to compose a shot, edit with the Photos app, and share your snaps.

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Moving To Mac

Are you looking to move to a Mac? Maybe you want some advice on which Mac would be the best fit for you or are just looking to get all your data moved from your PC. We also have an “Introduction To Mac” in which we will show you how to best set up your new Mac, which software works best, which apps you should have and of course maintenance.
apple help in Dublin

Device Syncing

This problem arises with most people, now you’ve got maybe an iPhone plus a iPad & a Mac and they are not talking to each other the way they should be. Getting everything syncing makes life easier & who doesn’t want that! Apple ID’s are at the heart of every device, you must know what your doing to get everything to sync properly.
Help with iMac in Dublin

Backing Up

It’s bound to happen, most desktop hard drives have a 5 – 7 year lifespan, laptops would be more like 4 – 5 years. If you have the beachball effect taking over your cursor or if your machine is getting slower your hard drive could fail – Back Up – it’s the old story it’s only when something happens you realise what you’ve lost.
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iTunes is at the centre of your iPhone/iPad, we all here about playlists, syncing, importing movies, backing up, adding music, bit rate, album artwork, iTunes working with Apple TV – it’s endless, are you a little stuck? iTunes will do so much more! Maybe you want to take music off one device to add to another! Just ask.

We have a 2 hour introductory special for €45

Sit down with us and find out all you want to know about your iPhone, iPad or Mac

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